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Seward Mermaid Festival

Micro Trailer
Micro Camper by Bearded Alaskan Woodworks Paint By The Line Cat

Woohoo!! The last month has been a whirl wind. With us building our micro camper to take to events. (To showcase our work and make life a little easier) To our crazy work schedule to make sure each artist is ready for our busy summer events. And even going to the Intuned to Bloom festival. Even the younger artists got caught up in the creative tornado that had taken hold on the homestead. The early morning rise, pack, and drive had the Bearded Alaskan and The Line Cat so weary as we rolled into the Mermaid Festival today in Seward Alaska.

All set up for the Mermaid festival

We thankfully had enough time to erect out tents before the spring showers pelted us with liquid sunshine as we set up for the busy weekend. Somewhere between the amazing music and great atmosphere we were all able to find a second wind and with it a breath to relax as we interacted with some cool customers and merfolk. Thankfully the showers came and went with the sunlight poking through to help brighten everyone's day. We are so happy to be able to participate in this fun festival. We have come to meet some amazing people on this little adventure, and are excited to see what the rest of the weekend holds.

To the cats meow,

Line Cat Art Studios

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