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Home full of Love

Cookie to the rescue

Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes. I've been able to get a lot done recently due to my family's support. That goes double for the critters. Since I have taken to holing up in the newly built studio as it provides the least distractions so has my little buddy cookie.

He is always interested in what I'm making, painting, or even typing. Always fighting my fingers over my key board space, because I can't have it it's his. Whistling Addams family theme on repeat, not as bad. Or shredding his favorite toys all over my work space then chasing my hands and hissing as I clean it. It would be so annoying if it wasn't so comical.

Cookie like everyone else at the studios has brought me joy. As I have bull-headedly plowed through the mundane and boring task of sitting in front of a computer, they all have brought me a little sliver of mental relief at exactly the right moment. Because of them I have been able to get so much done with a positive attitude for the most part. On another note if you see a product with a bird in the picture, just know Cookie photobombed the photo shoot a few times. Think of him as our unintentional mascot.

I'm left looking back and thankful for my family and yet excited for when I can get back to crafting with everyone.

If you want to see more of Cookie, or what is going on in the studio you can always follow our Tictok account. For now here is a link to Cookie singing in the studio.

To the Cats Meow,

The Line Cat

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