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Meet The Artists 

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Line Cat Art Studios is comprised of a family of crafters from Alaska. To read more about each artist and their crafts keep scrolling.


The Line Cat


Is an Alaska Based artist. Starla has a vast background in art and design.  Starla's products feature unique glow  in the  dark paintings, a selection of handcrafted jewelry, and many  more unique items. Starla also runs the bakery  crafting each loaf of bread into a work of  art.

Bearded Alaskan Wood Works


Is an Alaska Based artist. He started out building houses but found joy  in making the small things. His strong Alaskan roots can be seen in  his woodworking. His art work includes his popular willow walking sticks. He offers a wide selection of  useful products from bird houses, planter boxes, jewelry and to so much more. While Jim enjoys making  the small things to brighten and help, he has been known to take on larger carpentry projects .  To order a custom wood  piece for your home or discuss a large project go to our custom order page.


Cloud Creations


Is an Alaska Based artist.  Cloud is the young sole business owner of Cloud Creations. What started out as a hobby  he turned into a small business. His artwork showcases a large selection of resin casted jewelry. Some of his designs can also be found in the Line Cat Gear shop. All purchases of Cloud Creation products  or  gear go directly to the artist.  

Jack's Metal Art -JMA


Is an Alaska Based artist.  Jack is the young sole business owner of Jack's Metal Art. He enjoys car and tools. He is a determined artists  who doesn't let his age stop  him from accomplishing his goals. He offers a  unique welded metal artwork. Everything from wind chimes , miniature cars, spoon flowers and more can be found in his shop.  Each item in one of a kind as he salvages metal once bound for the scrapyard or landfills. Is shop  is full of awesome completed  works available.  To check out past  works check out the Line Cat Gallery. Or swing over to our custom order page to  start a new project.  All purchases of JMA products go directly to the artist. 

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